Please make sure when ordering bath and body products you choose a scent that is marked Bath and Body Safe(BB Safe).


Oatmeal, Milk and Honey - The wheaty oatmeal scent with warm cream and soothing honey~*~Bath & Body Safe

Oil of Olay Type - The timeless creamy rose fragrance~*~Bath & Body Safe

Oktoberfest Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Apple Cake with caramel filling, topped with candy corn buttercream icing~*~Bath & Body Safe

Old Spice Type - Everyone knows this old-time classic masculine scent that has a vintage woody, spicy aroma with a hint of peppery vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Brulee (OMG Original) - Fresh tangy oranges and creme brulee~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Chiffon Cake (OMG Original) - This scrumptious fragrance is a tantalizing blend of orange peels, rich vanilla pound cake and sweet buttercream icing~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Clove (OMG Original) - Wonderful aroma of fresh orange slices with hints nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Cranberry - Delicious blend~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Cream Chai (CYS Exclusive) - Spicy chai tea blended with orange cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Danish with Coffee - Fresh baked scent of baked Danish, orange, icing combines with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Marshmallow Cream (CYS Exclusive) - Blood Orange blended with gooey marshmallows and whipped cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Noel Cake (CYS original) - Mmmm....mmmm! Vanilla Bean Noel blended with Cake Batter ice cream and blood oranges. It's decadent! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orange Powdered Linen (CYS Exclusive) - Blend of blood orange, fresh linen and baby powder~*~Bath & Body Safe

Orchard Hills (CYS Exclusive) - Everything you'd expect to smell at the local orchard: pumpkin, apples, cranberries, oranges and a hint of fall air~*~Bath & Body Safe

Over the Moon (CYS Exclusive) - Amber blended with black cherries and vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Ozark Forest - A fragrant blend of cedar, pine and fir trees~*~Bath & Body Safe

Ozzie (CYS Exclusive) - Toasted coconut, vanilla, blackberries and pomegranate~*~Bath & Body Safe


Party in Pink (CYS Exclusive) - Sweet blend of Pink Lemonade, Marshmallows, strawberry, watermelon, cotton candy, cherry and a hint of bubble gum~*~Bath & Body Safe

Patchouli (OMG Original) - 60`s Flashback. The musky incense of choice for you in the counter-culture~*~Bath & Body Safe

Patchouli Raspberry - Ripe Raspberries blended with Patchouli and a hint of Sandalwood~*~Bath & Body Safe

Path to Peace (CYS Exclusive) - Lavender blended with Vanilla Bean Noel~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peach Buttercream Cookies (CYS Exclusive) - Warm sugar cookies topped with peach buttercream icing~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peach Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Juicy peaches on top of warm cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peach Charlotte (CYS Exclusive) - Fresh peaches, Frangelico Streusel and whipped cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peaches & Coconut Milk (CYS Exclusive) - Great blend of peaches with smooth coconut~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peaches and Cream Cheesecake (OMG Original) - Fresh peaches, buttercream and vanilla tops a rich cheesecake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peach Berry Crumble (CYS exclusive) - Peaches, black raspberries, blackberries and red raspberries with a brown sugar vanilla wafer crumble~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peach Fizzer (CYS Exclusive) - Summer sweet peaches blended with fizzy 7-up~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peach Iced Tea - Imagine a refreshing glass of iced tea with fresh peach slices added to it~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peach Sweet Tea (CYS Exclusive) - Peach iced tea w/extra sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peanut Butter Banana Fluff (CYS Exclusive) - If it was good enough for Elvis, it's good enough for us! Creamy peanut butter blended with bananas and marshmallows~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pearberry - Yummy blend of pears, strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries with a touch of musk~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pecan Pie - An irresistable southern favorite: toasted pecans and sweet custard~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peppermint - WOW! So refreshing~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peppermint Bark - Pure cacao, white chocolate, sprinkled cocoa, milk chocolate, creamy vanilla, crushed candy cane, peppermint leaf, tahitian vanilla bean and rich chocolate ganache~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peppermint Bark Marshmallow Cream (CYS Exclusive) - The delicious scent of Peppermint Bark blended with the creamy scent of marshmallows~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peppermint Fluff - Have some fluffed up fun with peppermint!!!! Along with the classic peppermint scent there are notes of apricot, strawberries, huckleberries, violets, peach all combined with the creaminess of vanilla, marshmallow and sandalwood~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peppermint Mocha Cafe (CYS Exclusive) - Ultra creamy coffee blend with peppermint whipped cream topping~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peppermint Noel - The caramel in vanilla bean noel makes the peppermint a little bit sweeter while the vanilla mellows this blended scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peppermint Vanilla (OMG Original) - A refreshing mixture of peppermint and vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Perfect Powdered Linen - YEP!!! The perfect blend of baby powder and fresh linen!~*~Bath & Body Safe

Phenomenal Woman (CYS Exclusive) - Taken from a poem by Maya Angelou, this scent blends Madagascar Vanilla with bergamot, lemon and sandalwood~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pineapple Cheesecake (OMG Original) - Mouth watering pineapple on top of yummy cheesecake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pineapple Cotton Candy (CYS Exclusive) - Sweet cotton candy mixed with juicy pineapple~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pine Plantation (OMG Original) - Fresh, woodsy, clean and brisk~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Almond Cream (CYS Exclusive)- Pink Sugar blended with almond and marshmallow cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Angel Fluff (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar, Angel Food Cake and a heavy dose of Marshmallow fluff~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Birthday Cake - This birthday cake is a sweet celebration when pink sugar comes to the party~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Blackberry Lime (CYS exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended with juicy blackberries and tart limes~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Buttercream Cupcakes (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar scented buttercream icing tops the perfect yellow cupcake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Brulee - Amazing blend of Pink Sugar and Creme Brulee~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Bubbles (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended w/pink Bubble Gum; girly and sweet! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Carousel (CYS Exclusive) - Key Lime Pie, Lemon Essential Oil, Pink Sugar and a hint of Vanilla Bean Noel~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Champagne (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended with bubbly champagne~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Cheesecake (OMG Original) - You got it! The ever fabulous Pink Sugar blended with creamy cheesecake

Pink Cheesecake Brulee (OMG Original) - Pink Sugar, Creme Brulee and Cheesecake

Pink Chiffon Cake (OMG Original) - Pink Sugar and Orange Chiffon Cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Chiffon Type - A light and airy fragrance infused with notes of vanilla orchid and exotic fruits as well as vanilla and chiffon musk~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Chocolate Milk (OMG Original) - Pink Sugar and Chocolate Milk. I have several say this smells like a tootsie roll. ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Chocolovers Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar, Chocolovers and Birthday Cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Coco-Peach Sugar (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended w/ cocomilk, peaches and vanilla sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Currant Cream (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar, Red Currant and Whipped Cream blend together for a unique and beautiful blend~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Divinity Candy (OMG Original) - An absolutely divine blend of Pink Sugar, warm vanilla caramel, dark brown sugar, butter, pecans and vanilla. ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Divinity Cheesecake (OMG Original) - Rich delicious cheesecake infused with Pink Divinity Candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Doves - Pink Sugar sweetens the clean scent of dove soap~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Fairy Frosting (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended with vanilla frosting~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Flannel Sheets - Pink sugar and flannel sheets~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Garden Mint (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended with our garden mint scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Lavender - Lavender blended w/ Pink Sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Lemonade - Refreshing as a sip of cold pink lemonade on a warm day! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Lilacs (CYS Exclusive) - Spring never smelled sweeter! Lilacs meets sweet Pink Sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Marshmallows (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended with marshmallow cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Noel - Vanilla Bean Noel marries Pink Sugar! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Onyx - We have sweetened the scent of anise with a dusting of pink sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Orange Danish (OMG Original) - Pink Sugar meets Hot Orange Danish~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Party Fluff - Fluffy cotton candy, Pink sugar,  creamy caramel and a sweet cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Pajamas (CYS Exclusive) - Pink sugar blended with fresh laundered clothes~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Powdered Linen - The popular pink sugar blends with baby powder and fresh linen~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Satsuma (CYS exclusive) - Pink Sugar blended with delicious Satsuma~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Serendipity - Serendipity gets just a little bit sweeter when it's blended with pink sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Sugar Lemonade (OMG Original) - Pink Sugar and refreshing Lemonade~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Sugar Type - An Aquolina perfume type; Sugar, cotton candy, vanilla, musk, and light florals~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Sugar Zucchini Bread (OMG Original) - Pink Sugar and Zucchini Bread~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Tahitian Sunset Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Tahitian Vanilla soaked white caked smothered with raspberry buttercream frosting, topped with fresh raspberries and blood orange slices and lightly dusted with pink sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Vanilla Bean (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar meets Vanilla Beans~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Watermelon Fizz (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar meets juicy watermelons w/ a hint of fizz~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pistachio Pudding Cake (OMG Original) - Pistachio nuts, almond, honey, heliotrope, and rich, creamy vanilla custard~*~Bath & Body Safe

Plumeria (OMG Original) - A sweet floral combination~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pomegranate - Smooth fruit scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pomegranate Green Tea (CYS Exclusive) - Juicy pomegranates blended with green tea~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pomegranate Lime (CYS Exclusive) - tart lime mellowed out w/ the creaminess of pomegranate~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pomegranate Peach Champagne Punch (CYS Exclusive) - Smells like the perfect drink for a summer`s brunch! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Ponds Type - The unmistakable salon-fresh scent of the classic facial cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Poolside Pink (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar w/Pink Lemonade, Marshmallows and a shot of lime~*~Bath & Body Safe

Portland (CYS exclusive) - blend of Oregon wine, Portland roses and the ever-present rain~*~Bath & Body Safe

Powder Puff (CYS Exclusive) - Tropical flowers blended with soft baby powder~*~Bath & Body Safe

Praline Cheesecake (OMG Original) - Caramelized pralines and classic cheesecake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peachy Princess - Amazing blend of strawberries, sweet peaches and vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Prada Candy Type This joyful, sensual and sophisticated fragrance will excite your senses with caramel combined with a powdery mixture of musks and vanilla~*~BB Safe; NO WAX

Princess Frostine (CYS Exclusive) - My homage to the famous Candyland character - this blend contains juicy grape soda, cotton candy, bubble gum and vanilla icing~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Apple Gingerbread Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Pretty much the best of cool weather baking rolled up into this one sensational scent! Gingerbread cake with a layer of pumpkin cream and topped with apple buttercream frosting~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Bread - Sweet pumpkin mixed with baked goods~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Brulee Coffee (CYS Exclusive) - Coffee blended with pumpkin and creme brulee creamer~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Lavender Vanilla (CYS Exclusive) - Interesting, sophisticated Pumpkin! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin "Patch" (CYS Exclusive) - Creamy Pumpkin scent blended with a hint of patchouli and creamy vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Pie Noel - Pumpkin Pie blended with Vanilla Bean Noel~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Sandalwood (CYS Exclusive) - Creamy, smooth pumpkin vanilla scent blended with sandalwood. This is a very sophisticated and unexpected pumpkin scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Toffee Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Warm gooey toffee drizzled over pumpkin cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pumpkin Whipped Cream (CYS Exclusive) - Heavy on the whipped cream...with just the tiniest hint of pumpkin~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pure Grace - This scent is a bit lighter and softer than Amazing Grace. It has notes of bergamot, water lily, lavender, jasmine, cool green and musk.~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pure of Heart (CYS Exclusive) - Cotton Candy, Marshmallows and Vanilla Bean Noel~*~Bath & Body Safe


Rainbow Cotton Candy Clouds (CYS Exclusive) - Rainbow sherbet flavored cotton candy; the sweetest of treats! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Rainbow Sherbet (CYS Exclusive) - Blend of lime, orange and raspberry sherbet~*~Bath & Body Safe

Rainbow Strawberry Cream Pie (CYS Exclusive) - Rainbow Sherbet alongside a slice of strawberry cream pie~*~Bath & Body Safe

Rainforest Mist (CYS Exclusive) - Notes of light florals, citrus and woods make for a refreshing wonderful scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Brulee (OMG Original) - Sun ripe raspberries and creme brulee~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Cheesecake (OMG Original) - Rich creamy cheesecake topped with a fresh raspberry glaze~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Chocolate Milk (OMG Original) - Chocolate Milk and Raspberries~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Cream Pie (CYS Exclusive) - Sugary raspberry-vanilla cream filling in a flaky pie crust~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Delight (OMG Original) - A yummy sugar coated raspberry cookie! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Guava - A crisp blend of raspberries and tangy guava~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Guava Smoothie (CYS Exclusive) - Juicy raspberries and guava mixed with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Marshmallow Cream (CYS Exclusive) - Raspberries blended with Marshmallow Cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Silk - The perfect blend of raspberries & vanilla silk~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Truffle (CYS Exclusive) - Blend of raspberries and warm chocolate~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Zinger (CYS Exclusive) - Sweet raspberry w/ coconut, buttercream frosting & yellow cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Vanilla (OMG Original) - Plump sweet raspberries with a hint of vanilla, a very nice scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Raspberry Zucchini Bread (OMG Original) - Sweet ripe raspberries baked into zucchini bread~*~Bath & Body Safe

Red Currant (CYS Exclusive) - Tart & fruity w/a hint of green~*~Bath & Body Safe

Red Musk (CYS Exclusive) - Exotic, seductive, sexy musk scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Red Raspberry Buttercream Noel (CYS Exclusive) - Red raspberries with vanilla bean noel and buttercream frosting~*~Bath & Body Safe

Red Velvet Cake - Cocoa, buttermilk, vanilla and sugar topped with cream cheese frosting~*~Bath & Body Safe

Red Velvet Double Wedding Cake (CYS Exclusive) - One Layer of Red Velvet Cake, One Layer of White Wedding Cake with a layer of Marshmallow fluff sandwiched in between and topped with a drizzle of buttercream frosting~*~Bath & Body Safe

Restless Hearts (CYS Exclusive) - Amber Vanilla based fragrance with a hint of gentle orchids and soft powder notes~*~Bath & Body Safe

Romeo and Juliet (OMG Original) - Blue sugar and Pink sugar unite for an undeniably beautiful love story~*~Bath & Body Safe

Rompin` Raspberry (OMG Original) - These raspberries are pleasant and sweet~*~Bath & Body Safe

Root Beer - The scent of old fashioned, frothy root beer from the soda fountain~*~Bath & Body Safe

Root Beer Float (CYS Exclusive) - Creamy root beer with a heavy scoop of vanilla ice cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Rose Jelly - Smooth and floral while being citrusy and bright! Rose petals intermingles with strawberries and geranium softened by light musky vanilla undertones~*~Bath & Body Safe

Rosemary Mint - This is not your typical mint!!! It`s spearmint with a boost of garden fresh rosemary. So invigorating!!~*~Bath & Body Safe

Ruby Red Grapefruit - Juicy, tart grapefruit scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Ruby Red Mango Sugar (CYS Exclusive) - Tart ruby red grapefruits blend perfectly with smooth mango, topped with a sprinkling of vanilla sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Rumbly in the Tumbly (CYS Exclusive) - Honey, Yellow Cake and Vanilla Frosting (Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) ~*~Bath & Body Safe


Sachertorte (CYS Exclusive) - Rich chocolate cake with apricot glaze~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sacred One (CYS Exclusive) - Sensual sandalwood, Red Musk and Incense~*~Bath & Body Safe

Salem's Best (CYS Exclusive) - Candy Corn, Peppermint ghosts and candied apples~*~Bath & Body Safe

Salt Water Taffy - Take a trip into childhood with this sweet candy scent blend of a little berry, a little citrus and a little sea salt~*~Bath & Body Safe

Santa`s Whiskers (OMG Original) - Sugar cookies blended with holiday spices

Sandalwood - Rich, woody sandalwood~*~Bath & Body Safe

Satsuma (CYS Exclusive) - An intense citrus blend of mandarin, grapefruit and lemon~*~Bath & Body Safe

Satsuma Marshmallow Cream (CYS Exclusive) - Tangy Satsuma blended with gooey marshmallow~*~Bath & Body Safe

Satsuma Tangerine Blast (CYS Exclusive) - A sunny blend of these two amazing citrus blends~*~Bath & Body Safe

Savannah (CYS Exclusive) - Notes of honeysuckle, peach and sweet tea~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sea Island Grapefruit (CYS Exclusive) - Crisp, clean grapefruit scent. Slightly sweeter than my other grapefruit~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sea Island Rose (CYS Exclusive) - Blend of Sea Island Grapefruit and sweet baby roses~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sea Island Sunrises - This scent is just lovely! Notes of Sucre Rose (pink sugar w/out the musk), sea island grapefruit, lemon essential oil and cotton candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sea Salt and Rice Flower - Relaxing spa fragrance of cotton bossoms, jasmine, a touch of citrus and rice flower along with sea salt, notes of fresh air, vanilla bean and musk~*~Bath & Body Safe

Seattle (CYS Exclusive) - Cafe au Lait, Washington Apples and fresh baked donuts~*~Bath & Body Safe

Serendipity - A sweet medley of rich, creamy vanilla alongside sweet cherries, orange citrus, confectioners sugar with a hint of fresh coconut. A truly alluring sweet scent!! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Serendipity Cake - It's a celebration of sweetness with serendipity mixed into birthday cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Serendipity Cheesecake - Creamy cheesecake sweetened with serendipity~*~Bath & Body Safe

Serendipity Sweet Potato - You can smell the aroma of sweet potato intermingling with serendipity~*~Bath & Body Safe

She Walks in Beauty (CYS Exclusive) - Cotton Candy, Black Cherries, Whipped Cream and Angel Food Cake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sherbet Punch - Orange Juice, Vanilla Ice Cream, Rainbow Sherbet and 7-up~*~Bath & Body Safe

Shirley Temple (CYS Exclusive) - blend of wild cherries and 7-up~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sleepless Nights (CYS Exclusive) - Jasmine blended with juicy oranges and a hint of coconut milk and an ocean breeze~*~Bath & Body Safe

Slowly into Winter (CYS Exclusive) - Eggnog with a dollop of whipped cream alongside a piece of pumpkin cheesecake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Snickerdoodles (OMG Original) - French vanilla with a touch of cinnamon sticks, gingerbread, and maple syrup

Snowy Cranberry Cream (CYS Exclusive) - Tart cranberries blended with a hint of candy cane and topped with vanilla cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Soft Blankey (NOT a YC Dupe) - A clean fresh powdery linen blanket~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sophistico (CYS Exclusive) - Soft Musk blended with the sweetness of vanilla and honey~*~Bath & Body Safe

Southern Carnival (CYS Exclusive) - Georgia Peaches and Sweet Tea blended with sugary cotton candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Southern Drawl (CYS Exclusive) - Juicy Georgia peaches, roasted pecans and sweet tea~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sparkling Cinnamon Apple (CYS Exclusive) - Blend of red and green apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a blast of sparkling soda~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sparkling Sunshine (CYS Exclusive) - 7-up blended with lemon, oranges and yuzu~*~Bath & Body Safe

Spearmint - An invigorating, awakening scented mint~*~Bath & Body Safe

Spearmint Noel - Vanilla bean noel teams up with spearmint giving a smooth yet invigorating scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Spiced Cranberry (OMG Original) - Fresh, tart cranberry with a hint of spice~*~Bath & Body Safe

Spiced Pumpkin Caramel (OMG Original) - Creamy Caramel and Sweet Pumpkin Spice~*~Bath & Body Safe

Spicy Pumpkin Caramel Zucchini Bread - Pumpkin, caramel and spices make this zucchini bread a delicious treat~*~Bath & Body Safe

Star Anise (EO) - A strong, licorice type of scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Stargazer Lily (OMG Original) - Capture the sweet, sensual and addictive fragrance from this hybrid oriental lily~*~Bath & Body Safe

Starlight Mint Eggnog (CYS Exclusive) - Eggnog with a shot of peppermint, vanilla cream and marshmallow~*~Bath & Body Safe

State Fair Delights (CYS Exclusive) - All the best of walking down the midway at the State Fair: Lemon Shake-up (Extra sweet lemonade), with funnel cakes and cotton candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

State of Grace (CYS Exclusive) - Blood Orange blended with Vanilla Bean Noel~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Cake Batter Ice Cream (CYS exclusive) - our delicious cake batter ice cream blended with strawberry compote~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Cinnamon Buns - Fresh strawberries are baked inside delicious cinnamon buns~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Coco-Banana Shake (CYS Exclusive) - Strawberry Banana milkshake sprinkled with toasted coconut~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Cream Pie (CYS Exclusive) - Strawberries, whipped cream in a flaky pie crust~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Cream Twinkies (CYS Exclusive) - Twinkies with a strawberry cream middle~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Marshmallow Cotton Candy (CYS Exclusive) - Summer strawberries with Marshmallows and pink cotton candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Marshmallow Cream - Strawberries blended with marshmallow cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Orange Julius (CYS Exclusive) - Vanilla ice cream blended with fresh summer strawberries and orange juice~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Pancakes (CYS Exclusive) - Summer strawberries on top of maple pancakes~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Rhubarb (OMG Original) - A unique blend of strawberries and rhubarb~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (OMG Original) - The right combination of strawberries and rhubarb baked in fresh pie crust~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Rhubarb Zucchini Bread (OMG Original) - Tangy sweet Strawberry Rhubarb baked into delicious Zucchini Bread~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Shake (OMG Original) - Ripened strawberries with notes of juicy orange and peach nectar. Light leafy florals and a hint vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Soda Pop - Fun and bubbly scent has delicious notes of strawberries, raspberries and peaches resting on base notes of vanilla and musk~*~Bath & Body Safe

Streaking through the Jungle (CYS Exclusive) - Banana, Lime, Marshmallow and Cotton Candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Still of the Night (CYS Exclusive) - Lilac blended with oatmeal, milk and honey and vanilla Tea Rose~*~Bath & Body Safe

Stronghold (CYS Exclusive) - Blend of black raspberry and red currant~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strudel and Spice (OMG Original) - Vanilla sprinkled with cinnamon sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sucre Rose - This is one company`s version of Pink Sugar...but it doesn't smell like Pink Sugar. But, it does smell fantastic, so I decided to add it. It's mellower than Pink Sugar, w/ out the musk. Delicious! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugar Cookie Brulee (OMG Original) - Sugar Cookies and Creme Brulee~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugar Cookie Dough Bread (OMG Original) - Sugar Cookie dough baked into fresh bread~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugar Cookies (OMG Original) - Fresh from the oven! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugar Corn Pudding (OMG Original) - Words can't describe this sweet sensation! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugared Apple Vanilla (CYS Exclusive) - Juicy red apples blended with loads of sugared vanilla crea~*~Bath & Body Safem

Sugared Shortbread (CYS Exclusive) - Brown sugar, vanilla, butter and cookies~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugared Waffle Cone (CYS Exclusive) - A classic waffle cone scent right down to the sugar. Yummmm! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugar Plum Berries - Lightly sugar coated spruce trees come alive with the sweet scent of holiday berries and sugar plums~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugary Grape Fizz (CYS Exclusive) - Grape soda blended with cotton candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugary Strawberry Fizz (CYS Exclusive) - Strawberry soda blended with cotton candy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sugar Daddy`s Girl (CYS Exclusive) - Pink Sugar, Egyptian Musk, Cherry Cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Summer Grace - A bright, warm floral fragrance of passion flower, sun-ripened bergamot and coconut musk.~*~Bath & Body Safe

Summer Memories (CYS Exclusive) - Raspberry Lemonade with juicy Pink Watermelon~*~Bath & Body Safe

Summer`s Morn (CYS Exclusive) - Mimosas early in the morning, along w/the scent of fresh linen and a morning summer rain~*~Bath & Body Safe

Summer Strawberries (CYS Exclusive) - Fresh strawberries~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sun and Sand Type (CYS Exclusive) - Notes of Salt Water, Sand, Sun Tan Lotion~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sun Ripened Raspberry - Fresh picked sweet raspberries ripe from the glory of the sun~*~Bath & Bady Safe

Sunshine Sugar (CYS Exclusive) - Lemon essential oil blended with pink sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Caroline (CYS Exclusive) - Sugared peaches mixed with fragrant lilacs~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Condensed Milk - An old-time favorite, delightful aroma of sugared milk with a hint of caramel~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Dreams (OMG Original) - Fall asleep to the soft soothing scent of Sweet Pea blended with Lavender~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Musk (CYS Exclusive) - Clean musk blended with white wedding cake and marshmallows~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Pea Type (OMG Original) - A Bath and Body Works Type. An aromatic Hawaiian flower~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar - Yummy aroma of sweet potato mashed with milk, brown sugar, cinnaman, nutmeg, melted butter, vanilla extract, and a touch of  maple sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Pumpkin Spice (OMG Original) - A warm blend of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and pumpkin~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Southern Home (OMG Original) - A rich combination of blackberries and currents, with undertones of cinnamon and orange zests, in a warm southern baked crust~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweety Bear - Bear Claw Cheesecake and Pink Sugar


Tahitian Berry Cake - Tahitian vanilla soaked sponge cake layered with raspberry-boysenberry buttercream, whipped cream and sliced strawberries and raspberries~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

Tahitian Vanilla - Classic vanilla w/ a hint rum and coconut~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

Tea Rose Marshmallow Cream - Not your grandma's rose scent...this blend is a perfect blend of sweet rose and loads of marshmallow cream~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Light

Tempest - Plumeria blended with coconut cream, a hint of peach and vanilla~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

The Fifth Chanel - Timeless scent of neroli, ylang-ylang,mayrose and jasmine with base notes of vetiver and sandalwood~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

The Night Dance - Intriguing blend of lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and musk~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

The One Type (W) - Dolce & Gabbana Type. A blend of fruits, woods and dry floral notes~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Light

The Sweetest Gift - Notes of lavender, baby powder and sweet vanilla. This scent will transport you to a time of sweet baby snuggles~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tide Type - A wonderfully clean and fresh scent~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Toasted Almond Cocoa - Hot, creamy cocoa blended with dry roasted almonds~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Toffee Sugar Crunch - Very similar to `Honey, I Washed the Kids`. One whiff & you will fall in love with a honey floral bouquet intertwined with citrus, apple, toffee and peach, with a slight musk and woody touch~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

To Grandmother`s House - Zucchini Bread, Banana Nut Brownie and Bear Claw Cheesecake. All the yummy goodies you would expect to be waiting for you at granny`s house!~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tranquility- Beautiful & complex. A floral scent underscored by jasmine & fresh air~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Triple Berry Cotton Candy - Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry and Cotton Candy~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Triple Layer Cake - A layer of birthday cake, a layer of white wedding cake and a layer of angel food cake topped with marshmallow vanilla icing~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Triple Pink Raspberry - Blend of blue, red and black raspberries with Pink Sugar. Fruity and sophisticated~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Triple Raspberry Cotton Candy - Red Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Black Raspberry - mixed with spun cotton candy~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tropical Bubble Gum - Juicy pink bubble gum mixed w/ coconut and a hint of pineapple~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tropical Fizzy Pop - 7-up blended with grenadine, orange juice, pineapple juice and topped with a cherry~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tropical Gardenia - Tart key limes, fragrant gardenias and coconut cream and vanilla beans~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tropical Iced Tea - Iced tea stirred with mango, papaya and pineapple and just a hint of coconut milk~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tropical Lemongrass - Lemongrass with coconut milk, lime margarita and banana~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tropical Tornado - The scent to wear while sitting poolside! Notes are banana, guava, lime, mango and pineapple~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tropical Vanilla Bean - Creamy vanilla bean blended with coconut cream and crushed pineapples~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

Truth or Dare Type - A modern floral fragrance that has contemporary sophisticated notes of gardenia, woodsy vanilla as well as caramelized amber~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Turtle Brownies - The amazingly sweet aroma of fresh from the oven chocolate brownies with gooey caramel and crunchy nuts~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Tuscan Melon & Apricot - Sweet Tuscan melons paired with ripe apricots and a hint of honey~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD - With the pandemic of a virus breakout, the ghastly outdoors fills your senses with smoke, dirt, blood and leaves.  There’s no escaping what’s to come.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Andrea- How do you keep a blonde from getting bitten? Douse her in cloves to mask the pineapple and vanilla smell.. oh and give her a gun of course.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong 

TWD Carl- The childlike innocence of cream soda, fruit loops, and bubblegum with the maturity of cinnamon to remind you how fast he has to grow up. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Carol - Always there to help out with the chores.  Give her a hug, and you will find the motherly smell of clean laundry, a hot shower and fresh picked strawberries. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Dale - This retiree, his wisdom and his RV will surely remind you of your father.. with the smell of Old Spice and Irish Spring.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Daryl - The epitome of the perfect man and hunter. The outdoorsy smell of cut grass and cedar mixed with a bit of leather to smooth out the rough edges.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Glenn - The scavenger, the Asian, the pizza delivery guy.  A jack of all trades fits well with the scent of Chai Tea, and hints of caramel, coconut, and vanilla.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

TWD Hershel -  A man of faith and wisdom.  Nothing smells better than the muskiness of amber, with the calming of Chamomile.   Adding just a hint of absinthe for the day it became too much to bear.  ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Lori- A mother and a wife from Georgia.  It only makes sense that she would smell of peaches and honey with the serenity of jasmine oil.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Maggie - The woman who will always be that little girl on the inside.  Freshness of Dove and Caress with the soft sweetness of rose. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Merle - That man you love to hate.  Rough around the edges and hard to get along with.  The sweet piercing smell of Frankincense and red current mixed with musk and the dark rich scent of Myrrh.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Michonne- A warrior, wielding two blades and the rustic smell of fig, soothing scent of green tea and a bit of a plumeria flower reminding you of her softer side.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Rick- A man of the law and a natural leader.  He has the earthy smell of pine and musk mixed with the crispness of cool water.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong  

TWD Shane - A teak wood and spicy Peppercorn mix perfect for the one who does what has to be done, even if it’s not the favorable option. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD T-Dog - Desperate to prove himself, he adorns the scent of basil and soft tea like smell of bergamot with extra citrus.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Twilight Woods (BBW type) - An intriguing blend of flowers, spices and woods~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Twinkies - Yellow sponge cake with a marshmallow middle ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Light

Twisted Licorice - Black licorice blended with dark black cherries~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong


Unconditional Love - A comfortable light and sweet floral fragrance with some black currant notes~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Light

Unrequited - Sensuous blend of blood oranges, almond extract, whipped cream and amber. If you wear this, he'll have no choice but to return your love! ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium


Vamp Vogue - A gothic, yet sexy blend of ruby red grapefruit, mandarin, blood oranges, with touches of oak moss, dark patchouli, bourbon and geranium along with cashmere, sandal tree, musk and black amber~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vaniglia del Madagascar - Blend of Madagascar vanilla orchid and vanilla bean w/ slight hint of amber~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Light

Vaniglia del Pineapple - Madagascar Vanilla blended with just a hint of pineapple juice~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

Vanilla Bean - Delicious, pure, straight-up vanilla bean scent~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

Vanilla Bean Noel - Bath & Body Works dupe (but better!) Delicious vanilla w/ caramel~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Bean Watermelon - Creamy vanilla bean with a hint of juicy ripe watermelon~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Champagne - Fizzy citrus top notes of lime and orange with hints of green floral and rum liquor notes with a base of Vanilla Bean~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

Vanilla Cola - Fizzy cola blended with creamy vanilla~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

Vanilla Custard - This sweet treat of creamy vanilla custard also has notes of anise & orange~*~BB Safe

Vanilla Fig - Fig mellowed out w/creamy vanilla~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Frosted Grahams - Vanilla Frosted Graham Cracker with hints of Raisins and Cinnamon~*~TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Hazelnut - A smooth and nutty vanilla~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee - A smooth and nutty vanilla blended with the fresh smell of coffee~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Hazelnut Zucchini Bread - Vanilla Hazelnut and Zucchini Bread~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Nut Bread - Warm blend of rich vanilla and walnuts baked into sweet bread~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Orchids and Coconut - Orchids blended with the creamiest coconut and vanilla sugar~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Passion- Creamy vanilla with hints of light floral and sweet musk undertones~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Rock and Roll - Vanilla lovers will rejoice with this irresistable scent of vanilla with floral tones of jasmine, violet, rose and lavender~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Silk - A warm, creamy vanilla~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: StronVanilla Wafer Bread - The perfect vanilla bread! Warm and comforting~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Vanilla Wafers - Yummy, true vanilla wafer scent~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Veil of Grace - Fresh squeezed lemon blended with Vanilla Bean Noel~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Violets - Floral scent of baby violets~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Violetta Lime - Sweet baby violets blend beautifully with tangy limes~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Virgin Fuzzy Navel - Peach, orange and cream soda~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Voci della Mora ("Rumors of Blackberries") - The perfect black berry scent blended with tart lemons and sweet vanilla musk~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

Voodoo Love - A fresh floral blend of jasmine and lily of the valley on a strong coconut background~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong