Easter Scents

Easter Lamb Cake - White cake with coconut frosting and jelly beans~*~Bath & Body Safe

Jelly Beans - Sugary scent of a bag of jelly beans~*~Bath & Body Safe

Madonna Lily - The undeniable scent of an Easter Lily~*~Bath & Body Safe

Marshmallow Peeps -  Sugary goodness! Marshmallows with a sugary crust~*~Bath & Body Safe

Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg - Peanut Butter filled chocolate egg~*~Bath & Body Safe

Pink Licorice Jelly Beans - Black licorice jelly beans with Pink Sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sour Jelly Bunnies - Sweet, yet sour blend of watermelon, green apple, orange, lime and cherry~*~Bath & Body Safe

Strawberry Cream Truffle Egg - chocolate egg with strawberry whipped cream nougat filling~*~Bath & Body Safe