A Clear Midnight – Garden Mint blended with a fresh night air scent and a wisp of pumpkin ~*~Bath & Body Safe

All Hallow’s Breakfast – Gingerbread Pancakes topped with pumpkin whipped cream, with a big mug of apple cider and hazelnut coffee ~*~Bath & Body Safe

All Hallow’s Eve Cake – Marble Poundcake frosted with tart red apple buttercream frosting ~*~Bath & Body Safe

All Treats, No Tricks – Milk Chocolate, Caramel Apples, a hint of gum drops and orange candies ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Apparition– Vanilla Bean blended with creamy sandalwood and a hint of musk ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Autumn Linen - Fresh linen, clean air and crunchy fall leaves ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Black Cat Prowl – Black Licorice Marshmallow Cream blended with Patchouli ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Eat, Drink and Be Scary – Black Cherry Cola, Pie Crust and Caramel Apples ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Gummy Bats – Sour lime, tart cherries and marshmallow ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Haunted Apples - Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Cedar planks and crisp red apples ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Monster Bread – Vanilla Nut Bread topped with pumpkin marshmallow icing ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Popcorn Balls – Kettle Corn and Marshmallow popcorn balls! ~*~Bath & Body Safe