Valentine's Day Scents

Ah, My Beloved - Madagascar Vanilla, Egyptian musk and vanilla beans~*~Bath & Body Safe

A Divine Rapture - Red Raspberry and Strawberry laced marshmallow frosting between layers of white cake, red velvet cake and vanilla poundcake~*~Bath & Body Safe

Beautiful Dreamer - White nectarine filling sandwiched between sugar cookies~*~Bath & Body Safe

Come Away With Me and Be My Love - Blackberries, Pineapple, Strawberries and Champagne~*~Bath & Body Safe 

Endless Blue - Blue Sugar with sparkling soda and a spritz of vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Idle Tears - White Chocolate mousse topped w/ strawberry glace~*~Bath & Body Safe

If Thou Must Love Me - Chocolate covered strawberries, vanilla wafers and marshmallows~*~Bath & Body Safe

Kiss and Tell – A colorful, flirty blend of Tuscan grapes, juicy passion fruit, yellow peonies, vanilla orchids, and a tinge of fresh greenery~*~Bath & Body Safe

Love is My Sin - Rich chocolate, Almond cream and a hint of spices~*~Bath & Body Safe

Love Never Fails - White Wedding Cake, Yuzu, Blood Oranges and Lemon Sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Lullaby Love - Sweet lavender vanilla combined with a fresh linen scent. Snuggle up with this scent! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Misbehavin – Have some flirtatious fun with the aroma of pomegranate, sweet candied apples, alongside a touch of oakmoss and fresh ivy~*~Bath & Body Safe

Night Thoughts - The scent of sweet baby roses intermingled with incense and sandalwood~*~Bath & Body Safe

Sinfully Hot – A strong, spicy scent of cinnamon, sweet amber and warm wood~*~Bath & Body Safe

Upon a Lilac Sea- Spring Lilacs on a bed of Vanilla Sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe

Weeping of the Rain- The scent for a sad Valentine's Day. Black Vanilla, Blackberries and Amber~*~Bath & Body Safe