Are you a fan of "The Walking Dead"? Even if you're not, these scents will pique your interest.

TWD - With the pandemic of a virus breakout, the ghastly outdoors fills your senses with smoke, dirt, blood and leaves.  There’s no escaping what’s to come.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Andrea- How do you keep a blonde from getting bitten? Douse her in cloves to mask the pineapple and vanilla smell.. oh and give her a gun of course.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong 

TWD Carl- The childlike innocence of cream soda, fruit loops, and bubblegum with the maturity of cinnamon to remind you how fast he has to grow up. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Carol - Always there to help out with the chores.  Give her a hug, and you will find the motherly smell of clean laundry, a hot shower and fresh picked strawberries. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Dale - This retiree, his wisdom and his RV will surely remind you of your father.. with the smell of Old Spice and Irish Spring.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Daryl - The epitome of the perfect man and hunter. The outdoorsy smell of cut grass and cedar mixed with a bit of leather to smooth out the rough edges.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Glenn - The scavenger, the Asian, the pizza delivery guy.  A jack of all trades fits well with the scent of Chai Tea, and hints of caramel, coconut, and vanilla.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Medium

TWD Hershel -  A man of faith and wisdom.  Nothing smells better than the muskiness of amber, with the calming of Chamomile.   Adding just a hint of absinthe for the day it became too much to bear.  ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Lori- A mother and a wife from Georgia.  It only makes sense that she would smell of peaches and honey with the serenity of jasmine oil.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Maggie - The woman who will always be that little girl on the inside.  Freshness of Dove and Caress with the soft sweetness of rose. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Merle - That man you love to hate.  Rough around the edges and hard to get along with.  The sweet piercing smell of Frankincense and red current mixed with musk and the dark rich scent of Myrrh.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Michonne- A warrior, wielding two blades and the rustic smell of fig, soothing scent of green tea and a bit of a plumeria flower reminding you of her softer side.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD Rick- A man of the law and a natural leader.  He has the earthy smell of pine and musk mixed with the crispness of cool water.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong  

TWD Shane - A teak wood and spicy Peppercorn mix perfect for the one who does what has to be done, even if it’s not the favorable option. ~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong

TWD T-Dog - Desperate to prove himself, he adorns the scent of basil and soft tea like smell of bergamot with extra citrus.~*~BB Safe; TartThrow: Strong