Christmas Scents

All is Calm - The scent to wear on a peaceful Christmas Eve: Lavender and Chamomile with a hint of apple and tea~*~Bath & Body Safe

Blue Christmas - Blue Sugar, fresh blueberries and vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Cold Winter’s Night – Pine trees blended with crisp mountain air notes and a blend of invigorating mints~*~Bath & Body Safe

Checking it Twice - Did you remember to leave cookies out for Santa?  Sugar Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Pecan Sandies and Vanilla Wafers~*~Bath & Body Safe

Christmas Tree – Fresh, clean, woodsy pine; there are really no words that can be used to describe the scent that defines the holiday season. ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Dancing in the Night - Spruce trees tempered with the addition of strawberry, orange and sugar. A wearable pine scent~*~Bath & Body Safe

Dreamless Sleep - This smells like Christmas! Blend of bayberries, cranberries, apples with a spicy hint of nutmeg, cloves and orange zest~*~Bath & Body Safe

Elf Sweat - The elves are hard at work yet smell so sweet!!! A magical, blend of candy canes, candy corn and syrup bubbling over with spicy soda pop fizz~*~Bath & Body Safe

Glory Shone - Pink Sugar blended with Candy Canes~*~Bath & Body Safe

Heaven and Nature Sing - Tart black cherries blended with creamy nutmeg and eggnog~*~Bath & Body Safe

Heavenly Peace - Candy Canes with the famous CYS Marshmallow Cream~*~Bath & Body Safe


Holly Berry - Bask in the blissful memories of Christmas time, as you take in the bright berry aromas and warm woods and spices. ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Jolly, Happy Soul - Our famous Vanilla Bean Noel blended with the best Candy cane scent EVER! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Joyful and Triumphant - Eggnog w/ extra cream, accompanied by a vanilla buttercream frosted sugar cookie~*~Bath & Body Safe

Love Came Down at Christmas - Beautiful resinous scent blend with sandalwood, dark amber, vanilla musk and bergamot~*~Bath & Body Safe

Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Blood Orange and Cranberry Compote blended in layers with marshmallows and whipped cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Most Wonderful Time of the Year - All the best aromas of Christmas breakfast rolled into one: Cinnamon Rolls drenched with vanilla icing, hot chocolate and a hint of fresh brewed coffee~*~Bath & Body Safe

One Accord - Frothy hot chocolate stirred with a candy cane~*~Bath & Body Safe

Right Down Santa Claus Lane - Spiced Apple Cider, Italian Pizzelles and clove studded oranges~*~Bath & Body Safe

Realms of Glory - All the best of Christmas baking: Cinnamon Rolls, apple dumplings and loads of vanilla icing. YUM! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Reindeer Poo - Have a little fun along with Rudolph and his friends!!! As they fly through the air helping Santa deliver the gifts, the reindeer leave behind a whimsical blend of apples. pears, pine, eucalyptus and geranium, as well as a hint of patchouli, cedarwood and vanilla~*~Bath & Body Safe

Royal Beauty Bright - Resinous scent of Frankincense and Myrrh with vanilla extract~*~Bath & Body Safe

Santa Baby - Strawberry buttercream cake topped with fresh raspberries, cranberries, blueberries~*~Bath & Body Safe

See the Blazing Yule Before Us - Cozy up in front of the fire with notes of a wood burning fireplace, coffee, wassail and donuts~*~Bath & Body Safe

Silent Stars - Egyptian Musk blended with fruity blend of cranberries and mulberries~*~Bath & Body Safe

Solemn Stillness - Pomegranates and cranberries sprinkled with brown sugar and cream~*~Bath & Body Safe

Still, Still, Still - Imagine yourself sitting in front of the Christmas tree with a roaring fire beside you.  The scent of spiced orange cookies wafts from the kitchen.  Got it?  Good; now get this scent! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

There Must Have Been Some Magic - Marshmallow snowman made out of fluffy white marshmallows, pretzel arms and a chocolate kiss hat! ~*~Bath & Body Safe

Yuletide Treasure - Grandma's fudge cookies on the stove: White Chocolate, Milk chocolate and lots of creamy vanilla sugar~*~Bath & Body Safe